Gala group new Angus Ambassadors

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Angus Provost Helen Oswald presented the final Angus Ambassador Award to a Carnoustie group at a school disco last week.

The ‘Pride of Angus’ award was presented to the Carnoustie Gala committee which organised the disco at Burnside Primary School on Friday.

The Provost said: “This award celebrates groups encouraging achievement, confidence and pride in local communities.

“This event tonight is one of many local events organised by the Carnoustie Gala Committee along with the inspiring annual Carnoustie Gala Day.”

Formed in 1982 the committee supports the community through developing local events to encourage integration and fund-raising, including the highlight of the Carnoustie calendar, the Gala Day.

Mary Bushnell chair of the Carnoustie Gala Committee said: “We try to bring the people of the town together as well as attract visitors to the area.

“The money that we raise allows us to support local groups and initiatives. Last year we raised £11,000 with £6,500 going to local funds for further events and the rest used to support the Carnoustie helpline, photographic groups, brownies, scouts, Christmas lights and bunting. We’re proud to say we’ve raised over £100,000 since we started.”

Provost Oswald is also an elected Carnoustie councillor and has had a long association with the committee.

She said: “The difference the gala committee has made to the community in and around Carnoustie is immense.

“It’s a huge amount of work to organise the annual programme and the commitment, expertise and dedication required by committee members to keep these events going and help fund local initiatives is huge.

“If the gala committee didn’t exist there would be far fewer community events and some projects would suffer.

She continued: “These initiatives help to knit the community together. Many other towns who don’t have such an organisation aren’t as fortunate as Carnoustie.

“They should consider forming one. I’m sure the Carnoustie Gala Committee would be happy to offer advice.”

Mary was full of praise for her team. She said: “We have a great team of loyal people who dedicate many hours of their time to the local community; it’s great to see all their hard work being recognised and to be appreciated so much by the community of Carnoustie and across Angus.”