Games sold by mistake

A MONIFIETH mother is appealing for the return of her daughter’s video games after they were accidentally sold last week.

Sheila Anderson, whose daughter Morgan (5) has high-functioning autism, is offering to buy the Nintendo DS games back after they were accidentally sold at the Cats Protection charity shop, Monifieth.

Morgan joined her mother at work on Friday morning because the nursery she attends was closed for the public holiday.

It seems that Morgan left the games behind when her mother took her home at lunchtime, and the games were accidentally sold that afternoon.

Sheila told the Guide & Gazette: “Morgan has high functioning autism and the games help with her development, so losing them, breaking the regular routine, has serious effects.”

One game in particular, Nintendogs, has been played by Morgan for two years, and she is extremely fond of the digital dog that she has reared.

The problem lies with the game data all being saved on the game cartridges, the loss of which has left Morgan “devastated” according to her mother.

Sheila is appealing to the good nature of the person who bought the games, and hopes that they might return them to the shop where they would be reimbursed.