Gary Barlow puts ‘Shine’ on Jill’s 30th birthday

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A Broughty Ferry Take That superfan says the band’s frontman performing at her 30th birthday party was an “out of body experience”.

All Jill Campbell did each night and day is pray that Gary Barlow would play at her party after campaigning for months to get him there.

The Broughty Ferry teacher said she was waiting for ‘Greatest Day’ to play at her Take That-themed birthday bash and if the song went by without the former X Factor judge turning up then she knew he wasn’t coming.

But then just after 9pm, Jill’s hero walked through the door of function suite at the Quay venue and performed a live rendition of the hit.

When asked if it was the greatest day of her life Jill said “absolutely”.

“It’s started to sink in. The day after I was just in shock. It was like an out of body experience. I can’t believe it happened.

“I had it in my head he wasn’t coming,” she said.

After seeing a Tweet Barlow in March calling for fans with milesone birthdays this year to make their case to have him play at their party, Jill campaigned using the hashtag #getgarytojills30th and made three videos, one in which parodied Back for Good and shows her singing around different parts of her hometown.

The mum of two said he told her he had made his mind up that he was going to sing at her party after seeing her first video.

Jill said: “I’m a huge Take That fan so when I saw the Tweet I said ‘I can’t let this go by’ and told myself I had to everything I could before my 30th birthday to get him there.

“I never thought in my wildest dreams it would happen but I couldn’t let it go by.

“We’re a musical family and we had such a laugh making the videos.

“He said to me it was the best campaign he’s ever seen.

“He kept saying to me ‘well done’.”

When asked if she can top this year’s birthday next year, Jill said: “Only if I can get all of Take That there.”