Get ‘Tangled’ up in Carnoustie’s next panto!


Do you like a bit of panto? Oh no you don’t! Oh yes, you do! Then audition for Carnoustie Theatre Club’s forthcoming festive production of ‘Rapunzel’.

Auditions for the chorus and principals will take place at the Dibble Tree Theatre on Sunday (June 14).

You do not need to prepare anything beforehand. At auditions you will be taught a short song, a piece of movement and be asked to speak out loud and give your best smile! Timings on the day are as follows:

11am - Group 1 current members (Primary 4-7 as of August 2015); 12 noon - Group 1 new members (Primary 4-7 as of August 2015); 1pm - Group 2 current members (S1-S6 as of August 2015); 2pm - Group 2 new members (S1-S6 as of August 2015); 3pm - Adult Chorus (current and new members). 3.30pm - acting and singing auditions for Rapunzel and Quinn (as they get married, you must look 16 or older). Rapunzel must have a strong singing voice. 7pm - Auditions for all other roles. Audition pieces for all principal roles will be available in the Dibble Tree foyer most evenings or by email request to