Glamis art project now on show

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A special mural created by visitors to the Arbroath marquee at the Glamis Gathering went on public display for the first time last week.

A group of the Royal Burgh of Arbroath Community Council organisers, local artists and people who performed in the Arbroath marquee at the Glamis Gathering on May 18 and 19 gathered at the Harbour Visitor Centre on Friday for the unveiling of the Round ‘O’ mural.

James Shepherd-Blythe headed up the sub-committee of the Royal Burgh of Arbroath Community Council tasked with organising the marquee and was pleased with how the mural turned out.

He said: “It went quite well. Basically we started off with a blank canvas and this shows how everybody came together to build this whole thing.

“I’m pleased to see it in a prominent place in Arbroath and we want to thank all the people who took part in its creation.”

He added: “Glamis is happening again next year and we want more local people to be a part of it.”

It is hoped the Round ‘O’ mural could become a sort of rolling exhibition allowing other businesses and venues having the opportunity to display it.

Angela Smith, who also helped to organise the Arbroath marquee, added: “This is a temporary home. It’s sort of in indefinite home so if any other places would like to display it, it would be wonderful if they could to let people in the community see it.

“The community has come together to create this and we want people to come down to the visitor centre and have a look.”

The mural features a tartan design which people will recognise as the adopted town tartan the Red Lichtie.

Creator of the Red Lichtie tartan Steven Patrick Sim said: “The tartan is around the perimeter of the window and I think it symbolises the unification of the town.”

The names of all 50 artists who helped create the mural are included on the display.