Gleadhraich launch at the Discovery

Gleadhraich playing at the launch gig for their second, EP Where We're From.
Gleadhraich playing at the launch gig for their second, EP Where We're From.

In the distinctive surroundings of the Discovery Point Celtic rockers Gleadhraich launched their latest record.

‘Where We’re From’ was premiered on Friday night at a sellout gig in the Dundee landmark to rapturous applause.

The lads, whose trademark is a clever mashup of popular music with à Scottish twist, have crafted an expressive and wide ranging musical journey with their new EP ‘Where We’re From’.

You can read an in depth review of the record on our website, which features three new tracks and two of their signature cover mashups.

Gleadhraich consists of internationally renowned piper Craig Weir, guitarist Ross White, bassist Graeme Ritchie and drummer Paul Weir.

Support bands came in the form of duo Raj Bandicoot who were playing their first live gig and trombonist Jordan Robertson and the Barack Brothers on saxophone and accordion accompanied Gleadhraich on stage.

Speaking before the gig Craig told the Herald: “We felt it was about time to follow up on the first EP, ‘Pipe Dreams’, which we released last year.

“We’ve evolved and matured as a band and thought it was the right time to reflect this in a recording with a mixture of our own material and some of our fans’ favourite live tracks.

“We feel it’s important to recognise our links to the Angus and Dundee area and reflect our roots. We felt it would be a good way of showing what a great cultural place this part of the world is and it doesn’t always get credit for that.

“We couldn’t have picked a more iconic venue for the launch, with the views over the Tay, it all ties in beautifully with the title of the album, ‘Where We’re From’.

Their set list included all of the new tracks, ‘Summer Rain’, ‘Lost In Guangzhou’, ‘Where I’m From’, ‘I’m A Believer’ and ‘Take On Me’, as well as fan favourites like ‘Skirling Ska’, ‘Unite The Clans’, and their mashups of The Ramones, Blondie, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.