Going out with a really big bang!

Is it really the end for fireworks in Arbroath? Possibly not if the attendance at this year’s display is any judge of town support.

Around 10,000 people attended the funfair and firework display at Victoria Park on Tuesday evening at what has been hailed as the swansong for organisers Arbroath Events.

Councillor David Fairweather, who along with the rest of Arbroath Events is stepping down from organising future displays, said: “It was an amazing thing to put together and I think it will be something very difficult for anyone in the future to replicate.

“I hope that somebody can come along now that Angus Events has retired and I hope that someone can take up the mantle.

“I was speaking to a couple of people from various groups. If they decide to move it forward they might take on the mantle and I would be more than happy to help them.”

The display along with the attendant funfair and live music were a resounding success according to Mr Fairweather.

He said: “Over the period of the day I would reckon the passage through the park must have been up to around 10,000. It was absolutely tremendous and the atmosphere was superb with the funfair, the bands and the fireworks and the stalls the park looked absolutely stunning.”

He continued: “I’ve had an incredible amount of calls today (Wednesday) commending Angus Events, the Skate Park project and all the other volunteers that were involved that make these things happen.

“It’s very stressful for the teams and volunteers to put something like that together but at the end of the day when you see adults and children sitting in awe, they couldn’t believe how long it went on. Just to see their faces and get their comments after made it all worthwhile.”

Reader Jim Crichton commented: “Great to see the fireworks display being held at the Victoria Park, great display but the chaos created by the volume of traffic was a nightmare for those living around the Cliffburn Road, Donaldsons Acre and all other streets in the area.

“Those thoughtless motorists who parked in front of driveways, on the corners and especially on the pavements, forced people to walk on the road to get around the cars.”

In response Councillor Fairweather said: “It’s unfortunate that people do decide to park their cars where they shouldn’t and if they are illegally parked they should be ashamed of themselves.”