Golfing proposal for the Fairway Garage

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A CARNOUSTIE councillor has put forward his own plan to make best use of a derelict High Street landmark.

Independent councillor Brian Boyd has suggested that a museum could be installed in the ground floor area of the Fairway Garage.

It would be used to showcase the town’s historic golfing links and create an attractive location for visitors to the High Street.

This would be in addition to the proposal by Angus Council to develop three one bedroom flats on the upper storey of the building.

The proposal was deferred last month after Angus councillors agreed to consider all development options before proceeding.

Councillor Boyd said: “The good news is that there will be a public meeting in November, organised by the town’s community planners and senior directors of Angus Council will also be in attendance.

“This will give members of the community a chance to engage with what’s happening in the town today and in the future.”

The Fairway Garage site has been unoccupied for the last 14 years but there are a range of opinions and options as to what should be done with the site.

n Let us know what you think should be done with the Fairway Garage.