Good result off the pitch

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IT HAS been revealed that a story in the Guide & Gazette on the efforts of a Carnoustie youth team to repair their ageing pitches has had a positive impact.

On Saturday, August 11, the Carnoustie Panmure Youth players and parents turned out to start work fixing up the pitches.

And now it appears that after reading the article a Dundee-based solicitor has decided to help out with the pitch maintenance.

Carnoustie Panmure Youth Club secretary Phil Hope was delighted to hear the news, and thanked the Gazette for its help.

He said: “Thank you very much for putting the story in regarding the work we’ve been doing down at Pitskelly with the pitches.

“It’s obviously caught the eye of a local solicitor who has agreed to pay all the costs.

“We’re obviously expecting an invoice for quite a few hundreds of pounds from the contractor and that invoice is now getting sent to Alan J. Baillie Solicitors.

“They’re going to settle the entire cost.”

The main problem with the pitches came from the deep furrows gouged into the grass representing the playing lines, and which were behind regular injuries to players.

The Carnoustie Panmure Youth Club committee were at the end of their tether with almost constant complaints about the playability of the pitch, and organised a last minute clean up crew of nearly 50 members and parents to dig up the lines and relay them with fresh soil.

Angus Council donated two tonnes of soil to the clean up and Monifieth seed merchants Welch Seeds volunteered to slice the pitch at cost price.

Carnoustie Youth Club president Derek Millar was pleased with the results of the clean up. He said: “We didn’t really expect so many, and it was quite short notice. I’m quite surprised how many did turn out. I’m glad it’s done, we’ve had complaint after complaint.

“All the lines have been dug up, the two tonnes from the council and another tonne we got have been used up. We’ve used three tonnes of soil just on the lines, that shows you how bad it was.”

However, with this latest development the club has been provided with some breathing room, and hopefully the 200 children who are part of Carnoustie Panmure Youth Club will have a suitable playing surface.

Mr Hope added: “Obviously a huge headache for us has been sorted, because although it was getting done at cost price, it was still going to be a sizeable amount of money.”