“Grab a bargain, just don’t grab each other” - Tayside Police’s message for Black Friday

Police issue warning for Black Friday
Police issue warning for Black Friday

While shoppers are preparing to flock to stores on Black Friday this coming weekend, Police Scotland are reminding customers to refrain from antisocial behaviour whilst out shopping this festive season.

Black Friday is a tradition from America, which has caught on in the UK and likely to become the busiest day of the year for shopping, with shoppers looking for generous discounts.

Superintendent Graeme Murdoch said: “Last year’s event saw chaotic scenes across the country with huge crowds grappling for a bargain.

“Our own local area was no exception and I am sure that many of us were fairly surprised at some of the scenes and behaviour we saw reported in the media.

“We would like to remind shoppers in Tayside to take stock of their own behaviour whilst inside and outside of stores during the sales this year.

“By all means grab a bargain, just don’t grab each other.

“We have being working closely with retail stores to support them in preparing for any antisocial and criminal behaviour and we will also have additional resources in place to deal with any outbreaks of disorder.

“Officers will attend shops if necessary in order to keep the peace and deal with disorder

“Anyone caught committing an offence will be charged and reported to the Procurator Fiscal.”