Grants are available

LOCAL MSP Graeme Dey is encouraging his constituents to take advantage of a new initiative from the Heritage Lottery Fund which is looking to offer grants to Scottish towns and villages specifically for work marking the centenary of the First World War in 2014.

Grants can be provided for War Memorial conservation, and the support of military museums and collections.

With 2014 marking such a poignant anniversary, Mr Dey is asking people to investigate how the fund could help in their own communities in recalling locals who fell between 1914-1918.

He said: “The First World War was the first instance of ruthless mechanical warfare, and the impact it had on millions of families across Europe and the world was devastating.

“The War Memorials erected following World War I were designed as a permanent testimonial to local men who were never to be forgotten by their family, friends and neighbours.

“No Scottish town or village went unscathed during the two world wars, and it is fitting that in 2014, the centenary of the start of the First World War, Angus communities can receive grants to properly mark this symbolic milestone.

“I would strongly encourage people across Angus to investigate the Heritage Lottery Fund’s scheme, so that we can ensure young people in the future will continue to remember the great sacrifice entire generations gave to preserve the freedoms we take for granted today.”