Groundbreaking young Angus news breakers

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Angus is a hotbed for the journalists of the future if the talents of the Angus Young Scot Team are anything to go by.

They’ve been drawn in from all over the county and now had their efforts recognised as “good practice” by Young Scot - the national information and citizenship organisation.

Traditionally, local pages of the Young Scot website were managed by youth work staff. In Angus, the young people have not only got involved, they have taken the lead on producing the content and design of these pages.

Young Scot Chief Executive Louise Macdonald said: “Who better to create content for the young Scots of Angus than a group of young people from the local area. They are producing some brilliant and really exciting work. This is a great approach to meeting the needs of young people in Angus.”

After receiving guidance and training from the national Young Scot team and Angus Council’s communities team, the ‘cub reporters’ have honed their skills over the past three years and produced a resource that is brimming with information.

Available at, their pages include stories, life articles and films, covering a wide variety of subjects including mental health, body image, social media, study tips and the referendum.

More recent articles have covered Mofest, a film workshop day at the Sky Academy in Livingston, and a meeting with our vice-convener of Children and Learning, Councillor Lynne Devine to discuss youth issues.

You could become part of this hard working team by contacting Ross Reilly at for an application.