Grove houses sacrificed

A BROUGHTY Ferry institution is being forced to break tradition as a result of funding cuts.

The historic four house system at Grove Academy will be replaced at the beginning of next term with just three houses.

This is due to cost-cutting measures which mean that there are no longer enough senior teachers to run all four houses.

Senior teachers and guidance teachers at the school have in the past acted as housemasters and mistresses for Craigie, Grange, Balgillo and Dalhousie.

Ferry councillor Derek Scott was disappointed to hear of the end of an era and blames cutbacks in education.

He said: “This is a direct result of over £4 million being cut from the school education budget.

“It’s quite sad really, that’s decades of history we’re losing.”

The cuts made by the city council are expected to save £844,000 this year, and a further £1.3 million next year.

He added that the new names were an effort to prevent factionalisation and ill-feeling among pupils, something that had been ignored at Morgan Academy during a similar change.

Councillor Scott said: “It’s just as well really to bring in these new houses rather than just drop one of the existing ones.

“But it’s a shame they had to do it at all.”