Happy 101st birthday Agnes!

Agnes Dewar celebrated her 101st birthday at Gowan Park on Monday.
Agnes Dewar celebrated her 101st birthday at Gowan Park on Monday.

An Arbroath woman celebrated her 101st birthday today (Monday) with friends and cake.

Agnes Dewar was joined by her friends for a tea party to mark the occasion at the Methodist Housing Association’s Gowan Park residence.

Born in 1913 in Edinburgh, Mrs Dewar moved to Arbroath at the age of five and has been in the town ever since.

She attended Inverbrothock School then Arbroath High School, and on leaving full-time education she took a job at the millinery shop owned by Jim Chapman on Market Place.

She later went to work with Alice Emslie who owned a draper’s at the top of Arbroath High Street.

In 1939 Agnes married her husband Bill in the gardens at Whitewells, by Marywell, and the couple were married until Mr Dewar’s death in 1987.

Rosemary, their only child, held a get-together on Saturday in her home for friends and family to celebrate the occasion and also joined her mother at Gowan Park for the tea party.

Asked what had changed in the 96 years that she had been living in Arbroath, Mrs Dewar replied: “I used to like the High Street. It used to be at that time that shops were always busy and it was good to get down the street. There’s nothing now.”

According to Mrs Dewar her most exciting memory was of seeing a German zeppelin pass overhead in Edinburgh when she was around three years old, during the height of the First World War. An experience she found quite frightening because of the noise.