Having fun at the 1st Carnoustie Company open day.

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The 1st Carnoustie Boys Brigade recently held an open day for boys and parents to come along to the BB Hall, St Brides Hall, Maule Street, and see what the company can do.

The event was well supported and there was a very good turnout.

The company had boys coming along for both the Anchors and the Juniors. They had the chance to play uni-hoc, and some parachute games, along with some potted sports.

The event gave the opportunity for parents to see what the boys can expect to take part in during the meeting nights, and also meet and speak with the officers and older boys from the Company section.

It gave them a broad view of what the Company can offer their boy, not just for today but for the future as they grow older.

It showed what the BBs offered, not just at meeting nights, but away events, badgework, support in the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the path to

achieving the coveted Queen’s Badge.

The company are looking forward to another successful year and the door is always open to any boy who wishes to come along.

Session times are as follows: Anchors (P1-3) - Thursday, 6.15-7.30pm; Juniors (P4-6) - Tuesdays, 7-8.30pm; and Company (P7 - S6) - Fridays, 7.30-10pm.