Decision on mental health redesign pushed back

Susan Carnegie Centre
Susan Carnegie Centre

A preferred option on the redesign of mental health services in NHS Tayside has been pushed back - with wider consultation expected in April.

NHS Tayside had originally planned to have selected an option in December, with wider stakeholder consultation taking place this month.

However, in an update on the mental health redesign - which could see the Mulberry Unit at Stracathro Hospital close - the time line has been pushed back.

A preferred option is now set to be decided upon in February and March, with consultations starting in April.

In the update, published last month, NHS Tayside said: “To allow the programme team to gather the necessary clinical, workforce and financial information for each of the top four options, the timeline for the programme reporting to Tayside NHS Board and the three Integrated Joint Boards has been revised.

“The preferred option will be identified from this work.

“It will then be presented as part of a strategic consultation report to the relevant committees and Boards in February and March 2017 to seek agreement to undertake a period of wider stakeholder consultation between April and June 2017.”

During the consultation period, all stakeholder views will be gathered and collated to form part of the Initial Agreement report.

This, in turn, will be presented back to the NHS Tayside and Integration Joint Boards for a final decision in August and September.

After that it will be presented to the Capital Investment Group at the Scottish Government for approval in September/October 2017.

If approved, a Full Business Case will be developed following the more detailed design and planning stages in late 2017/early 2018.

A short list of four options has been outlined with the fourth one retaining the Mulberry Unit.

The full option would see GAP Acute Admission beds provided from the Carseview Centre in Dundee and the Mulberry ward in the Susan Carnegie Centre in Angus.

It would result in the relocation of current inpatient services provided from the Moredun Ward in Murray Royal Hospital in Perth to refurbished accommodation in the Carseview Centre.

Another of the choices, option eight, is a single-site solution.

It would see the introduction of a single Tayside GAP Acute admission ward provided from Carseview Centre in Dundee, while three step down/treatment wards with beds would be provided

from the Mulberry ward, the Carseview Centre and the Moredun Ward in Murray Royal Hospital in