Defibrillator needed at the heart of East Haven village

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The charity East Haven Together has begun a Crowdfunding campaign to provide a defibrillator and village emergency telephone scheme.

The charity are seeking to raise £5600 to purchase a ‘Ten Year Managed Solution Package’ from the Community Heartbeat Trust. This will provide a modern defibrillator which can be accessed by members of the public from a converted telephone box in the village square.

Local campaigner Wendy Murray said: “Over recent years, four residents in the village have suffered sudden cardiac arrest. Three of those were on the beach, making it particularly difficult to provide an emergency response. The chances of survival after sudden cardiac arrest are dramatically increased by use of a defibrillator rather than CPR alone.

“As East Haven is now part of National Cycle Route 1, the number of visitors passing through the village has grown steadily since 2012, thereby increasing the probability that a walker or cyclist will suffer sudden cardiac arrest. While the risk of sudden cardiac arrest increases with age, it should be noted that 12 people aged under 35 years die every week of sudden cardiac arrest in the UK.

“The fact that the railway bridge prevents direct access by emergency vehicles can result in significant delays in people accessing emergency treatment. The Village Emergency Telephone Scheme (VETS) would enable residents to provide an emergency response quickly, by directing ambulances, opening gates and bringing the defibrillator to the location of an incident.

“The VETS scheme is essential in East Haven as many ambulances arrive in the village and waste precious minutes searching for properties or casualties on the beach. In the past, we have even seen paramedic staff running on foot to try and locate the casualty. The VETS scheme would ensure a network of residents able to assist and avoid unnecessary delays.

“East Haven has particular challenges. Unlike other towns or villages in Angus, there are no publicly accessible premises in which to locate a defibrillator. The village requires a robust system which enables a defibrillator to be maintained and accessed by all who need it. For this reason, we have opted for a ten-year managed solution package by the Community Heart Beat Trust. The package provides a comprehensive service to the village for ten years including the VETS scheme.

“Finally, because we only have a hundred residents living in the village, we desperately need the support of the wider community. We are very grateful for any donations to the Crowdfunding scheme.”

At time of going to press, the total stood at £1545 of the £5600 target. To contribute, visit