Free diabetes screening

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A CARNOUSTIE pharmacy is offering a free diabetes test in an effort to raise awareness of the dangers of the condition.

Burrells Pharmacy is offering free testing for this often undiagnosed disease.

According to reports by Diabetes UK around 850,000 people in the UK unknowingly have Type 2 diabetes, blaming symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, weight fluctuation and dehydration on the stress of modern life.

A simple finger prick to test blood glucose will show whether the body is having difficulty balancing sugar levels.

Donna Gibson, superintendent pharmacist at Burrells said: “For only a few minutes of effort, getting screened for diabetes is an essential tool to protect your future health.

“At least then you can either have peace of mind, or learn the tools required to manage the condition effectively.”

Anyone interested in safeguarding their long-term health can pop into either the Burrells Pharmacy at 4 Dundee Street or at 76 Barry Road, Monday to Friday during opening hours for the free test.