Gulls give Carnoustie resident the bird...

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A concerned Carnoustie resident has decided enough is enough after being hassled one too many times by a local menace.

The lady, who does not wished to be named, contacted the Gazette after she found she had reached the end of her tether when it came to Carnoustie’s seagull population.

She said: “How would you respond if your neighbourhood was invaded, as ours has been, by large aggressive groups who leave their filthy litter (a health hazard), are constantly fighting and extremely noisy from very early in the morning?

“Do you fetch the police?

“Of course not, you protect them… because they’re seagulls! How does that square with the health and safety of local people and tourists?

“Our coastal towns need to lead the fight to cull the gulls. They are an increasingly dangerous menace in urban areas. Why can’t they be ‘encouraged’ back to the sea?”

We contacted Angus Council who gave the following information when afflicted with seagulls: “For public health and safety we will remove seagull nests and eggs free of charge from domestic properties during the spring when gulls are typically building nests or have eggs in a nest.

“To request this service please contact ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778.

“Once the chicks leave the nest, parent gulls can become very aggressive in a bid to protect them. Unfortunately, there is nothing the council can do to prevent this as the birds are protected by law. The only thing that can be done is to avoid the chicks as much as possible and wait until they have left the area.

“If they are using your property, we would then strongly recommend that you consider options to prevent them returning in the future.

“It is possible to prevent nest building by using measures such as spikes, nets and wires.

“You can also help us tackle the nuisance caused by gulls by not feeding them, and properly disposing of litter and food waste.

“For further advice on prevention measures contact ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778.”