Helen’s triple challenge for family fund

Helen Oswald is to drive a fire engine and slide down the fire station pole at the weekend to raise money for charity.
Helen Oswald is to drive a fire engine and slide down the fire station pole at the weekend to raise money for charity.

A CARNOUSTIE councillor is set to undertake her own personal triathlon to raise money for a family charity.

On Sunday, Helen Oswald will be living the life of a firefighter by sliding down a fireman’s pole, driving a fire engine and then being rescued from the water on the River Tay.

The three challenges are all part of a fund-raising drive for the Moira Fund, a charity that provides support to the families of victims of violent deaths.

It was set up in memory of Helen’s niece, Moira Jones who was brutally murdered three years ago in Queen’s Park in Glasgow.

Last year Helen’s daughters, Kirsten and Linsey, completed the Glasgow half-marathon for the fund, but this year Helen is stepping up to the plate.

She told the Guide & Gazette: “This is my turn this year to do something for the charity.

“It was a horrific thing that happened to Moira and it devastated the family, so anything we can do to help the fund we will do it.

“The fund is very important to me and all of our family.”

Sunday will start off with Helen sliding down a 15-foot pole and trying to land feet first on the ground.

She will then get the opportunity to drive a fire appliance in off-road conditions before being placed in the River Tay with protective clothing and then being rescued by firefighters.

Helen, who is a member of the Tayside Fire and Rescue Board, added: “I started off with the idea of sliding down every fireman’s pole in Tayside but I was told there are actually only three remaining.

“That is when the fire officers said leave it with us and came up with the idea of also driving a fire appliance and being rescued from the water.

“I have to thank the fire service who are giving me use of their facilities and organising it for me.

“Sliding down the pole will be over quickly so I think I’m more worried about driving the appliance and being in the water.

“Those are real challenges, even though I have had a few people say they are jealous that I get to drive an appliance.

“The water rescue is also scary but I have total faith that they will pull me out safely.”

Anybody wishing to support Councillor Oswald in her ‘triathlon’ can go to the Moira fund website at www.moirafund.org.uk