Help rebuild Panmure

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A draughtsman in Fife is in the process of building a 3D digital model of Panmure House and is seeking help from local people.

Marc Curran (38), from Dunfermline, has been creating the representation for the last five years and wants to ensure it is as accurate as it can possibly be.

Panmure House was a 17th-century country house in the Parish of Panbride, four miles to the north of Carnoustie.

The seat of the Earl of Panmure, it was rebuilt in the 19th century and demolished in 1955.

Marc told the Guide & Gazette: “I am rebuilding Panmure House in CAD form. I have scoured the world for all the information which could assist me in this process. But having got my hands on all the images available I would like to put out a request for anybody in Angus who might have family owned images or information at home to get in touch in the hope that something new can be found.”

He went on: “Ultimately, my project will be made available to any body or organisation which has a use for it, particularly local to Angus.”

Marc stumbled upon the story of Panmure House and the estate itself when browsing the web, in a page which explained the story behind the locked ‘Jacobite’ gates of Panmure.

He stated: “For some reason, the place became a complete and irrational fascination for me, which has only gotten worse through time, particularly Panmure House.

“But given the five years of effort so far, and the fact that its lure is far from waning, it has become important for me to ensure that it is as accurate as can be.”

Information or pictures can be sent to Marc at