Hirsch twins’ progress amazing

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Carnoustie twins Ayley and Chloe Hirsch have astounded US doctors with their progress 16 months after their operation.

The girls are currently in St Louis for a check up on their progress by the medical team which carried out their selective dorsal rhizotomy last year.

Ayley and Chloe had been left with severely limited mobility due to cerebral palsy but have come on leaps and bounds since their life-changing operation.

Mum Averil emailed the Guide & Gazette this week with an update. She wrote: “We met head physio Jackie and she did assessments on both girls and compared it to their scoring and mobility from before the operation. She was super amazed by the results.

“We also met Dr Park the neurosurgeon and my emotions just got away. It was great to see him again and he saw Ayley walk, run and jump.

“In his words that was ‘Out of this world, amazing progress’.”

According to Dr Park Ayley no longer has any spasticity in her body and will require no further operations.