‘History at Home’ in Monifieth

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MONIFIETH Model Group organised a history afternoon at the home of the chairman, David Hain, in Adderley Terrace, Monifieth, on Monday.

Historic model train engines, coaches and rolling stock were displayed.

Participants then enjoyed demonstration runs of the steam and electric engines on the outdoor railway system, which meanders through the chairman’s garden.

For several of those present this brought back memories of train travel during wartime in the blackout and travel between Monifieth and Dundee East Station.

After refreshments with home baking provided by Mrs Adam and Mrs Nycz the latest group booklet, ‘The Changing Face of an Angus Town 1930-1960’, was discussed and reviewed.

The research methods deployed by the group and the printing and binding techniques all undertaken in-house were of great interest to the meeting.

This showed how modern technology could be used for community development at reasonable costs. The booklet is now available from the group or Monifieth Library and already is attracting interest from overseas former Monifieth residents keen to see how Monifieth has changed.

Ongoing projects are the recording of community oral histories and building a model of the former Dundee to Forfar railway including the iconic Seven Arches, which is still a local landmark.

The group hopes to carry these forward during the winter season of activity and is appealing for information/photographs and memories of local former railway employees.