Holyrood 2016: Angus South result

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The Scottish National Party’s Graeme Dey has been returned as the MSP for Angus South at the 2016 Scottish Parliamentary Elections.

The announcement was made shortly after 3.30am this morning (Friday).

Mr Dey received 15,622 votes, down by 542 votes on his 2011 result. The majority result was 4304

In a shock result, the Scottish Conservatives’ candidate, Kirstene Hair, more than doubled their 2011 result, receiving 11,318 votes, to come in second place.

Joanne McFadden, Scottish Labour received 3773 votes and Clive Sneddon of the Liberal Democrats received 1216.

A total of 123 ballots were rejected.

There was a 56.81 per cent turnout in Angus South with 32,052 ballots verified.

On his victory Mr Dey said: “I consider it a genuine privilege to be the MSP for Angus South. I get up every morning looking forward to going to work and that’s a great thing to have in your job.

I look forward to the next five years, it’s an exciting time for the Scottish Parliament, we’ve got new powers coming into Parliament. Hopefully we’ll have the majority government to help the SNP implement the many exciting things that are in our manifesto, across a range of subjects and I think they all touch on the lives of people in Angus South as well as wider Scotland.

“I’m delighted to see some of my colleagues returned to parliament, deservedly so, I’m seeing some new people being elected that I know very well and I think they will bring something to the parliament. I think there’s going to be a different dynamic to it.”