Home insurance scheme for council tenants

ANGUS Council has agreed to explore options to allow council tenants to insure their home contents through the authority.

At the neighbourhood services committee meeting yesterday (Thursday) councillors agreed to the plan, should a suitable scheme be identified.

At present, Angus Council tenants do not have access to a home insurance scheme, but a recent survey showed there was demand for an affordable scheme administered by the authority.

Convener of Neighbourhood Services, Councillor Donald Morrison said: “We encourage tenants to take out contents insurance to protect against theft, flood, fire and damage, especially with the more frequent incidences of flash flooding.

“However, we know that insurance can sometimes be seen as a low priority, for example, for families on modest incomes, or who don’t have a bank account and can’t set up a direct debit.”

He added: “We will work to find a suitable insurance provider and hope we might be able to offer contents insurance to tenants for up to £1.50 per week, and so provide them with accessible and affordable cover for their possessions.”

The council will conduct a technical dialogue with providers of these schemes before procurement.