Hospitalfield House Open Day

HOSPITALFIELD will open its doors to the public next Sunday, June 12, when visitors will have an opportunity to tour the historic house which can claim to be Scotland’s oldest school of fine art.

Left in trust for the arts in 1890 by Patrick Allan-Fraser, Hospitalfield has brought generations of artists from Scotland and internationally to find their inspiration in Angus.

May’s residents have included artist photographer Bronwen Hyde who blogged her month in Arbroath as “fantastic, inspiring, productive”; book sculptor and binder Kelly Sim; New York artist Jo Yarrington who gave an open lecture on her work on art, eyes and vision; American professor of photography Daniel Overturf who is delivering a masterclass, as well as study groups from Carbondale USA, Anniesland College, Glasgow and the New Work Scotland Collective who chose Hospitalfield as their place of weekend retreat. The house was also used as the setting for a short film by an award winning film team.

Trust chairman Kenneth Cargill said: “In the past, Hospitalfield was unknown even to those living nearby. Those who knew of it often regarded it as a rather mysterious place where artists visited and worked but one which was unwelcoming to the public.

“In the past year over 1,000 people have passed through our doors. We are very pleased to open the doors once again and invite people to see what a wonderful historic resource is on their doorstep.”

Next Sunday’s Open Day will also feature garden performances of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath by Arbroath Abbey Timethemes in period dress - a must for holiday visitors.

High quality arts and crafts produced by local artisans will be on sale in the jazz room and lunches will be available from the Hospitalfield kitchen.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to approach the HOPE garden for gardening tips and produce. Admission is free from 12.30 to 4 p.m.