Hot tubs ruled out of golf works

The scene of ongoing development at Carnoustie Golf Course.
The scene of ongoing development at Carnoustie Golf Course.

Construction work down by Carnoustie’s golf pro centre has recently attracted a number of curious inquiries and generated more than one fanciful suggestion!

According to Carnoustie Golf Links Management Committee (CGLMC) the renovation works have been a hot topic with visitors, with some speculating the formation of paddling pools and hot tubs for weary golfers.

Sadly (for some), the project is a good deal more mundane and forms part of the committee’s continued work on the enhancement of the facilities and area down by the golf courses.

A spokesperson for CGLMC explained: “There has been much speculation recently from locals and golfers about the renovations taking place in front of the Golf Centre at Carnoustie Golf Links.

“This project is a continuation of the investment from CGLMC into improving the golfing experience of both local and visiting golfers.”

The improvements will, it is hoped, make the pro centre and courses much more accessible and presentable to golfers and visitors.

The spokesperson continued: “A turning circle for visiting golf transport is being created.

“This will allow buses to drop off golfers at the door of the Golf Centre and then leave by the black slab, thus improving the parking situation for local golfers in front of the clubhouses.

“As well as this, there are to be improvements in landscaping and lighting around the Golf Centre.

“There will also be new Honours Boards to mark commemorate the bravery of the two Carnoustie Victoria Crosses and to mark the national and international achievements of local golfers.

“The architect’s plan for this major project is currently on display inside the Golf Centre.”

The committee expects the works to be completed in time for the new golfing season.