Ian hoping for a game at last

Ian Gilzean manager of Carnoustie Panmure Football Club.
Ian Gilzean manager of Carnoustie Panmure Football Club.

GOWFERS’ manager Ian Gilzean is playing the numbers game and betting his side will actually have a game this weekend.

After Panmure were once again frozen off the pitch and out of the action Ian reckons the omens are good for tomorrow (Saturday).

He said: “The way it seems to be working out just now is play a week and miss a week. Going by the last four weeks we should get a game this weekend!”

Panmure face Montrose Roselea in the GA Engineering Cup at Laing Park, an added bonus according to the gaffer.

He explained: “We’re like anyone, we’d rather play all our games at home than away.”

But advantage or not, the Gowfers cannot afford to be complacent. Ian said: “Montrose Roselea are doing well in their league. They are just behind the Violet.

“They’ve got nothing to lose and we have to make sure we are ready for that.

“Just because they are two levels below us means we really can’t afford to underestimate them.”

The Gowfers didn’t waste time on Saturday past, and the boss has been enforcing a strict, and hopefully productive, work ethic.

He said: “Graeme Christie, the assistant manager. took them on a lovely road run around the town that totalled about seven miles.

“But they thoroughly enjoyed it. We just decided to do that because it was a tough but different sort of training session than normal.

“All the boys got something out of it and it helps us keep on top of our fitness levels.”

Ian doesn’t believe the stop-start nature of this season will have a hugely negative impact on his squad’s fitness.

He explained: “I think it’s something we dealt with really well last season. The period without playing was a lot longer.

“We were quite a lot fitter than some of the teams which were coming up against us. The boys are looking forward to playing and going back out and getting results.

“We’ve played nine games. There are 11 still to play and we have four games in hand. Obviously we can’t do anything about that.

“We’ve got a chance to play and get those points for ourselves. The way we are playing gives us a lot of positivity for the future.”

The Gowfers are hoping that with Craig Bell finishing his loan spell and returning to Dundee United that Stewart Ferguson will be fit enough to return to action.

Ian said: “He needs an injection next week, but after that he should be fine. He’ll rest a bit more.

“We brought him in last summer, he played a couple of games. He just wants to play. He will add something to the team as he has experience and he’s a good left-back. He’ll be back soon, but the sooner the better.”