Improvements promised to pedestrian crossing

DUNDEE City Council is to make improvements to a pedestrian crossing in Queen Street, Broughty Ferry, and is also going to look again at whether a crossing facility is required in Dalhousie Road in Barnhill.

Local councillor Derek Scott explained: “A pedestrian crossing was installed in Queen Street to serve the local neighbourhood library a few years ago.

“It was initially an ‘on demand’ crossing but in recent months it has been incorporated into the traffic light cycle of the nearby Queen Street and Fort Street junction which means that sometimes there can be a considerable wait before pedestrians are able to cross.

“I appreciate at peak times this is necessary to avoid a build up of traffic.

“However at off peak times the delay is unnecessary. The council’s transportation section has now agreed to my request to make the crossing more demand-responsive off peak.”

Councillor Scott has also been urging the council to consider installing a crossing facility in Dalhousie Road.

He said: “The results of a previous survey indicated that there isn’t sufficient pedestrians crossing the road to merit the installation of a controlled crossing.

“However I’m of the opinion that it didn’t fully take into account the fact that there is a high proportion of elderly people in the area.

“I also think the survey is unable to capture how many more people might cross the road if their perception of the safety issues is addressed.”