Independent wins election by just 28 votes

Winer of the Carnoustie election is indepentant Brian Boyd being congratulated by returning officer David Sawer.
Winer of the Carnoustie election is indepentant Brian Boyd being congratulated by returning officer David Sawer.

INDEPENDENT candidate Brian Boyd has been elected to serve in the Carnoustie and District ward of Angus Council following a closely fought by-election.

Just 28 votes separated Mr Boyd from his closest rival, SNP candidate Ed Oswald, meaning the count went right down to the wire.

As soon as he was announced as the winner Mr Boyd thanked everyone who voted for him and told the Guide & Gazette that he was ready to help deal with the main issues Carnoustie is facing.

He said: “I am well aware of my responsibilities in regards to serving Carnoustie as well as looking at the bigger Angus picture.

“I have been an activist in the town for a long time - named Citizen of the Year in 2000 and involved with crime prevention and the business association.

“Hopefully I will serve Carnoustie well over the next 15 months.”

Mr Boyd was grateful to everyone who had voted for him after what he described as a “hard fought campaign”.

He said: “Naturally I’m very excited and I am so pleased that the people of Carnoustie came out to vote on such a miserable day [Thursday, February 3].

“I would like to thank everybody who voted especially those who went out and voted for the first time.

“It has been a hard fought campaign at times with the SNP but I would like to hold an olive branch out to them and hope we can work well together in the future.

“I would also like to thank all of the helpers who manned the polls and the people who helped with the leaflet drop.

“I am looking forward to serving the people of town and hope I can help tackle the issues I fought my campaign on.”

Mr Boyd has named the decline of businesses in the town and the High Street as some of his main priorities.

He said: “Some businesses in the town are doing exceptionally well. People are using the High Street we just need to find a positive way of finding those who do not.

“I will fight for the businesses and the High Street and I will work alongside the Business Association to find the ways in which we can all pull together.

“Now I plan to sit down with Peter Murphy and Helen Oswald so we can discuss the best way forward for Carnoustie.

“Together we can be a strong force for Carnoustie moving forward.”

Angus Council leader Bob Myles extended his congratulations to Brian Boyd on his victory in the election.

He said: “I would like to congratulate Brian Boyd on being elected.

“I look forward to discussing with him his aspirations for Angus and Carnoustie in particular.”

The results from the first round of voting were as follows: Brian Boyd (Independent) 1252, Charles Goodall (Scottish Liberal Democrats) 93, Ed Oswald (Scottish National Party) 1289, Ron Thoms (Scottish Labour Party candidate) 258 and Eddie Wilmot (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) 217.

At this stage no candidate had gained the requisite quota under the single transferrable vote system so further stages continued.

The voting was closely fought right up until the final stage, five, where under the single transferable vote system if no candidate reaches the quota on the first round when all first preferences have been counted, the candidate with the least votes is eliminated and their second preference votes redistributed.

If no candidate reaches the quota at the second stage, the same process will be repeated eliminating the next candidate with the fewest votes until a candidate reaches the quota and is selected to fill the vacancy.

Mr Boyd will now fill the Carnoustie and District seat on Angus Council that has been vacant since SNP councillor Ralph Palmer stepped down last year due to ill health.