IS Angus Council in the Sin Bin?

Rubbish collection is close to everyone’s hearts and Angus Council have hit a few bumps in the road with the new

collection routes.

Most scheduled household collections were met however Carnoustie’s food waste pick was missed along with Friockheim’s grey bins and Balhungie and

Ravensby farms.

A council spokesperson said: “Many apologies if your bin hasn’t been emptied as expected. Crews are working hard to catch up.”

Carnoustie locals were asked to put out unemptied bins for a later collection following some missed pick ups in the last week.

And the authority thanked everyone for their patience and reported an increase in recycling levels as a result of the new service.

On the OurCarnoustie Facebook page Helen Waggott commented: “Our green bin wasn’t emptied on Friday 18, so a quick call to the AccessLine and Bob’s your Uncle, it was done within the hour. No complaints.

Thank you.”

Not all recyclers are so happy with the service. Margaret Burgess said: “No bins emptied for two weeks tomorrow, despite calling the AccessLine.

“Four bins chockablock - about time it was sorted before we all

get rats!”

Angus Council ask that you contact them on the AccessLine 08452 777 778 to inform them of any problems you have had with collections.