Is the Kinloch Street rollercoaster over?

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CARNOUSTIE’S very own ‘rollercoaster road’ will undergo some much needed work next month.

Work will begin at Kinloch Street on October 8 to fix the severe potholing which has plagued the thoroughfare and has been made more acute by recent severe winters.

Kinloch Street, which is built on sand, has been a particular bugbear for independent councillor Brian Boyd who has been pressuring Angus Council to fix the tarmac lunar landscape.

He said: “I’ve previously nicknamed it the ‘rollercoaster road’. There was a meeting of Angus councillors in Carnoustie recently and I made sure the minibus drove down Kinloch Street so they could be made aware of it.

“It is something I have had more complaints about than anything else.”

The resurfacing and other carriageway works on the stretch of Kinloch Street between Links Avenue and Burnside Street are expected to last until December 7.

The road will be closed during the course of the works, and alternative routes will be via Burnside Street, Dundee Street and Ferrier Street.

Councillor Boyd is glad to see the project go forward. He said: “It’s long overdue, but logic has prevailed and I have worked with the roads department for months to have it brought forward as early as possible before winter.

“This should be like the other resurfacing work done previously in Kinloch Street. I’m hoping it will be of the same standard that has been produced at the east end of the street.

“This will mean that the middle part will be done, but I am disappointed it’s not the whole road.

“In an ideal world I’d love the whole street to be dealt with. The fight for the rest of Kinloch Street is unfortunately for another year.”

We asked our readers for their thoughts on the matter and we received several responses via Facebook and Twitter.

On Facebook Claire Burns said: “Yay, no more potholes. But prob more road rage if work getting done.”

Lindsey Devine added: “About time!”

And Kevin Smith said: “Not before time. Long overdue but important to wait till most of development works done to avoid further damage!”

Meanwhile on Twitter Craig Beckett @bexyboy said: “@heraldjohnston glad to hear it finally getting done, just need to get the parking on Kinloch street sorted”.

Aimi Munro @weeaims added: “@heraldjohnston thank the lord. It’s been a nightmare for years and years!”

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