Is there a wildcat on the loose?

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Ferry councillor Kevin Cordell believes that Broughty Ferry may be home to one of Scotland’s most iconic animals.

A constituent has suggested that a wildcat may be roaming the Balmossie area.

Mr Cordell told the Guide & Gazette: “Although wildcats look similar to domestic cats, these are not feral or farm cats run wild. They are the only remaining large wild predator in these islands.”

Every inch a cat in every sense of the word, the Scottish wildcat epitomises the independent, mysterious and wild spirit of Scotland and the Highlands like no other creature.”

He asks the question: “Is there one closer to home? I understand there have been eyewitness accounts of a wildcat stalking its prey and a drop in bird and rabbit numbers in the area suggest something is about.”

He concluded: “If you have seen the Ferry’s wildcat I’d love to hear about it.”

However, one of Dundee City Council’s widlife rangers doesn’t believe it can be the case. He told the councillor: “As much as it would be a great story, I’m afraid there is no chance of this being a wildcat in an urban setting. However, there may well be a domestic /feral cat with a little bit of wildcat lineage in it.”

He closed: “I have seen domestic cats locally here with the thick barred tail, but side by side with a true wildcat you soon appreciate its not that thick.

“The Wildlife Centre isn’t missing any.”