It’s a cracker!

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THE BURNING beacon at the Black Slab attracted several thousand people who watched the firework display put on by Carnoustie Coast Guard Association.

The assembled crowd ooh-ed and aah-ed along with the rockets and the air-bursts as they basked in the warm glow of the raging bonfire on a cold but clear night.

Lindsay Martin, from Carnoustie Coast Guard Association, said: “The display lasted for 25 minutes exactly, which is the normal running time.

“We thought that was long enough for people to be standing around outside for.”

Mr Martin said that through bucket collections and donations they had raised a total of £1,573, which will buy fireworks for Bonfire Night 2012.

He said: “That will help us a lot to do next year’s display. It’s actually the most we’ve ever collected. Last year £1,300 was donated, but this was the most we have raised in the 28 years that I’ve been doing this.”

The crowd was estimated at close to 5,000 strong, the biggest turnout yet for Carnoustie’s Bonfire Night.

Mr Martin added: “It’s become bigger and bigger every year. It’s hard to believe it started out as a little thing for the kids.

“We were told that there were close on 5,000 people there, normally there are around 3,000, but this year it was a lot bigger and the collection showed that.

“If you think about it, there were 2,000 people in the parade alone, and the crowds were deep all round the bonfire.”

The quality of the bonfire itself was also higher this year, according to Mr Martin. This was mainly due to help from public-spirited people.

He said: “The bonfire was bigger this year thanks to Angus Council who supplied pallets which were good for burning, and George Low, of Rembrand, who supplied a lot of dry material and also Alan Sturrock with his forklift.

“They all showed community spirit by rallying round to help us. They made it that much bigger, bulkier and more professional looking.

“It was a very successful night and it couldn’t have gone better. The atmosphere was terrific and the behaviour was perfect, it was a first class display and we are all very happy with it.”