Jail for Carnoustie man who exposed himself

Dundee Sheriff Court
Dundee Sheriff Court

A man who repeatedly exposed himself to female visitors “literally behind his wife’s back” during get-togethers at his house was today (Monday) jailed.

Paul Skelly even carried out sex acts in his kitchen in full view of his victims as they sat chatting in his living room - but away from his partner’s gaze.

In two separate indecent exposures, the women were standing talking to Skelly’s wife, who had her back to him, when he took out his genitalia, showed it to the victim, then put it away.

Cops were only told when one of the victim’s husband confronted the accused - who responded by breaking the man’s nose.

Today, Skelly was jailed for five-and-a-half months and was placed on the sex offenders’ register for seven years.

Fiscal depute Stewart Duncan told Dundee Sheriff Court Skelly’s bizarre campaign took place over the course of six years at his home in Carnoustie, Angus.

When caught by police Skelly claimed he had done it because he “felt low” because he was struggling to conceive a child.

But Mr Duncan said: “This account is somewhat inconsistent with the evidence as his behaviour continued long after his wife gave birth in 2012.”

The prosecutor said all the incidents involved visitors to Skelly’s home.

One woman recounted an incident where Skelly appeared in a loosely tied dressing gown that clearly showed him naked underneath. When the woman left he stood at a window with the gown fully open.

Mr Duncan said: “The accused’s behaviour towards her gradually became worse after she decided not to tell anyone.”

The court heard details of a regular pattern of offending by Skelly at his home.

One woman recalled an incident when she was with another woman in the kitchen when Skelly exposed himself to both of them whilst the accused’s wife’s back was turned.

Mr Duncan continued: “In September 2013 the complainers disclosed how the accused had been acting and his wife was told in November 2013.

“She seemed shocked and surprised by the allegations.

“In July 2015 one of the victims’ husband was in a pub in Carnoustie when she saw the accused.

“Later that night he went to the accused’s address and waited for him to confront him.

“The accused punched the complainer once or twice and a scuffle occurred.

“The man was knocked to the ground and punched a further twice whilst on the ground.

“He sustained bruising to his eyes and face and a broken nose.

“This incident led to full disclose being made to police and an investigation into the accused’s sexual offending being initiated.

“He was interviewed and said ‘this is hard for me to talk about’.

“He described being low and depressed due to problems in his marriage.”

Skelly, 37, of Burnside Street, Carnoustie, Angus, pleaded guilty on indictment to charges of breach of the peace, engaging in sexual activity in the presence of four women and assault to injury under provocation.

The sexual offences took place between September 2007 and September 2013, while the assault took place on July 3, 2015.

Defence solicitor George Donnelly said: “It is clear he was suffering from a sense of bad feeling relating to his inability to have a child.

“He tells the police the sexual behaviour was some form of release and perhaps a display of masculinity to these women.”

Sheriff Alastair Carmichael jailed Skelly for a total of 168 days and placed him on the sex offenders’ register for seven years.

He said: “You took the opportunity to do these things literally behind the back of your wife.

“This was prolonged, had elements of planning and was targeted.

“The only appropriate sentence is custody.”