Jail for man who attacked pregnant ex

Brass Scales of Justice on a desk showing Depth-of-field books behind in the background
Brass Scales of Justice on a desk showing Depth-of-field books behind in the background

The sheriff in the case of a man who viciously attacked his pregnant ex-girlfriend has said that he had “no alternative” than to hand down a jail sentence.

Stewart Ramsay broke up with the woman, who was 10 weeks pregnant with his child, on November 27 last year before going off to a nearby pub.

The victim contacted him following the break up saying he had left his belongings at her house and offered to bring them to him at the pub.

Ramsay walked out into the car park waving a full pint glass about - before hurling it at the windscreen of her car.

Fiscal depute Eilidh Robertson told Forfar Sheriff Court that Ramsay then attacked - first punching his ex-partner twice on the head.

He then grabbed her in a headlock and punched her head and body.

Miss Robertson detailed in graphic terms the assault on his ex-partner and her sister’s partner who had accompanied her to the meeting.

She added: “While this was going on he was shouting ‘I will kick that baby out of you’.”

The victim later attended Arbroath Infirmary where a heartbeat could not be detected for the baby. A scan two days later found all was well with the pregnancy.

Miss Robertson added: “The accused was traced in another pub 90 minutes after the incident.

“He attempted to headbutt Sgt Colin Echevarria and kicked out at him during the journey to Arbroath police office.

“His position was that she had attended unannounced and he couldn’t remember assaulting either complainer.”

Ramsay, 25, of Newton Road, Carnoustie, pleaded guilty on indictment to two charges of assault, one of behaving in a threatening and abusive manner and one of police assault.

All were committed on November 27 last year at High Street, Carnoustie, Angus.

Defence solicitor Ian Flynn said: “He is prepared for the inevitable if it is to be custody.

“He is not deemed to be a risk to the public and it is highly unlikely he will reoffend.”

Sheriff Gregor Murray jailed Ramsay for seven months today (Wednesday).

He said: “Surprisingly your actions had no long lasting effects.

“You committed a sustained, vicious attack.

“The assault on your partner is significant aggravated by the fact of her pregnancy.

“Shortly after it appeared the baby’s heartbeat had stopped.

“Her feelings in that two day period are clearly stated in her victim impact statement.

“There can be no alternative to custody.”