Jaw-achingly show is so funny it hurts...

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Carnoustie Theatre Club’s latest production is a jaw-achingly funny series of three short comedies.

There are bound to be more than a few sore faces in the town this week after the run of ‘Buy One Get Two Three’ at the Dibble Tree Theatre, either because they saw it and laughed uproariously, or because they missed out on a wonderful piece of comic theatre.

Split into three ‘acts,’ each story offers something a bit different. A pair of deckchairs form the centre point for the segments which bookend the show, with both written by Jean McConnell.

In the first, ‘Shoppers,’ Nikki Doig and Kim Brymer play Rosemary and Angela, two well-to-do ladies of leisure on their weekly shopping spree who stop for a rest at the pier.

Often funny and sometimes savage, their banter is seamless and their shocking secret is a hoot.

Next up was ‘Little Dibblers Present Strictly Sex factor On Ice,’ by David Tristram, a genuine treat in all its glorious mayhem. A hopeless am-dram society attempts to reclaim Saturday nights for the theatre by staging their own talent show spectacular which, of course, goes awry.

Dave Ross plays chairman Gordon, an ideas man, bereft of any good ones! Dave’s increasingly manic performance as he tries to keep a handle on the situation was hilarious.

Linzi McCreadie plays stuck-up diva Margaret, her scheming adding fuel to the fire, and her catty judges’ comments were priceless.

Ali Laing is the down-to-earth handyman Bernard. His blunt approach to everything and his pithy one-liners provided belly laughs aplenty.

Finally, Muriel Gordon was a joy as the nice but dim Joyce, who has come unarmed to the battle of wits that is am-dram. Her ‘star turn,’ rollerskates, glittery dress, a complete lack of balance et al, utterly fantastic.

Rounding off the proceedings was ‘Dancers,’ again featuring Nikki Doig and Kim Brymer, this time as Glaswegian pensioners Betty and Wynn. Their lamentations at the lack of eligible men, old age sex and the joys of ‘pas a doble’ were a gem.

Congratulations to the three producers, Paul Strachan, Betty Gibson and Muriel Gordon, for their excellent efforts.

Well done also to all of the stage crew who created a clever modular set allowing for three different settings with the minimum of effort.

The show runs until Friday and we would highly recommend buying a ticket or three for a cracking night of comedy.