Jim has ‘ad’ last laugh

Jim Dunbar
Jim Dunbar

A Carnoustie man diagnosed with chronic lateness has revealed all about his amazing trip to Barcelona to be the star of a TV ad.

Jim Dunbar grabbed headlines last year when doctors made the astonishing diagnosis after his nightmare with time-keeping.

But Jim has had the last laugh following his visit to the Catalan capital.

The 57-year-old said: “I had been ridiculed in the tabloids and on TV and I had enough. I had stopped taking calls from anyone.

“I thought if the media were going to treat me this way then why don’t I get some money out of them.

“I had an all-expenses paid trip to Barcelona and they gave me €1,200 to do the advert.

“They’ve offered to send me on holiday too. They asked where the top three places were I wanted to go on holiday and I said, Norway, New York and Japan. So I’m getting a trip to Tokyo.”

“It was very surreal - like I was living in a dream. I was waiting to wake up. I had a fantastic time and they treated me like a film star.

“They told me they were overjoyed with my display and wanted me to come back - he must have saw the look of disbelief on my face when he said that.

“If I get the call then that’s great but if I don’t I’ve had the time of my life.”

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