Just me, myself and I for will.i.am this December

will.i.am is keeping much of his plans about his upcoming tour under his hat. Image courtesy of PA Photo / Handout
will.i.am is keeping much of his plans about his upcoming tour under his hat. Image courtesy of PA Photo / Handout

His moniker might be will.i.am but up until now he has always been a team player, making his solo tour a bit special.

The artist formerly known as William James Anderson is more often than not seen as one of The Black Eyed Peas, or as one of the judges on The Voice.

Even his solo work has seen him collaborate with the likes of Cheryl Cole, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears or Snoop Dogg, meaning he is never truly flying solo.

With this in mind his fans could be in for something very special when he takes to the road in December for a truly solo tour.

“All this time in music and this is the first tour I’ve done by myself,” says the 38-year-old. “I’m nervous and it’s going to be emotional.

“In a group like Black Eyed Peas, people show up to see us and I share that experience with the rest of the people in the band. This time people are paying money to come and see me perform.

“I’m not opening up for anyone, it’s not a festival where I’m sharing the stage or arena with other people, so for me this is very emotional.

“It’s another thing I’ve accomplished, when I didn’t know there was anything left to accomplish.”

“I never saw the need,” says the star, asked why it’s taken him until now to do a solo tour, and until the release of his fourth album, #willpower, to play live. “I just wanted to tour with the Peas,” he adds casually.

He won’t be drawn on what guests can be expected, although he promises there’ll be some surprises at the concerts. “It’ll be unique, let’s leave it at that.”

“The tour’s going to feature songs people will know, bits and pieces from my songs, songs I’ve written and worked on, songs out there in culture, all transitioned into a journey, like a tapestry,” he expands.

And he’s taking charge of every aspect of the process. “It’s me, all me, I’m all over everything. I usually come up with the ideas.”

According to will.i.am The Black Eyed Peas began by putting on big shows by channelling the energy of improvisation before later switching to carefully thought out extravaganzas, now little of that will apply to what he’s doing now.

He explained: “Now it’s full circle, and I’m touring on my own which is something I never thought I’d get to do. I can’t do what I did with the Peas, because that was a group, and I can’t do it like we did before, with improv, so I’ve thought of something that’s different again.

“I’ve thought of the show as a unique object, and it’s a separating factor. It’s going to be what separates me from everyone else.”