Keep it local plea from fireworks folk

Fireworks by Amy Hope.
Fireworks by Amy Hope.

‘Come see Arbroath’s fireworks’ is the message being put out not just by the town’s display organisers but also by their counterparts in Edzell.

As Arbroath’s own fireworks display returns, thanks to the efforts of the Fireworks For Arbroath group, they are being joined by the Edzell Bonfire and Fireworks committee who hope to ensure that a fun and safe time is had by all.

Last year, with both the displays in Arbroath and in Hillside, Montrose, cancelled, there was a huge turnout for the Edzell event, which created a few logistical problems.

Fiona Work, chair of the Edzell Bonfire and Fireworks Display, explained: “We’re a bit of a victim of our own success. Many people, because Hillside had been cancelled, came to Edzell’s event and it was to encourage people in the Montrose area to go to Arbroath. Last year was extremely successful and the only issue was the problem of traffic.

“The most important thing to our group is it’s a safe, fun, family event, but we have to be mindful and considerate of the residents who live in Edzell all the time.”

Karren Cuthill, chair of Fireworks For Arbroath, hopes that by encouraging spectators towards the town it will be a win-win situation for both themselves and Edzell.

She said: “Arbroath had no display last year and my family and I went to Edzell which had a fantastic display. When I decided to try and get a display for Arbroath I spoke to Fiona from Edzell, who was very supportive. Edzell is a very small place and they admit freely that they struggled last year with parking and traffic in general. Obviously Arbroath people turned up en-mass there last year.

‘‘They have asked if we could publicise our display to the Montrose and Brechin communities with the hope that we can take some of the strain off them.”

This week the group made the final payment to pyrotechnics firm 21CC.

Karren said: “We paid £8000 in total and they gave £1000 for free. So from starting at absolutely nothing and worrying about raising £6000 for a half decent display we have managed to get £9000 worth of fireworks.’’