Kinloch problems smoothed out?


DRIVING in Carnoustie could be that bit safer and more comfortable a little sooner than expected.

The roadworks on Kinloch Street, which started at the beginning of October, could be finished as early as this week, well ahead of the December 7 end date originally given.

Recently, the driving experience of Kinloch Street has been compared to a rollercoaster or a Third World road, and the junction of Kinloch Street and Links Avenue has become something of an accident black spot.

Carnoustie councillor Brian Boyd is confident those days are past. He said: “We have now put up stop signs and before where the road was all bumpy it’s now a smooth surface and the lines can be seen a lot more clearly.

“Now that we’ve got the road finished and absolutely clear markings it will hopefully alleviate the problems on that road, including the series of accidents that have occurred in the last year.

“I’m quietly confident if the lines are being painted it will be open by the end of the week.”

Councillor Boyd also wished to commend the patience of locals during the current works. He said: “I’d like to thank the residents of Kinloch Street for tolerating this short term pain which will be for a long term gain. We hope the work will last for another generation.”

More of Carnoustie’s roads will undergo works in the near future, including Green Lane, Lochty Street, Thomas Street and Craigmill Den.