Kinloch project finds a safe Haven

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A new social enterprise venture in Carnoustie will be helping the Kinloch Centre Project and other causes thanks to community spirit.

The Haven (Carnoustie) community charity shop is currently being prepared for opening in mid February and will see proceeds split with 70 per cent going to the development at Kinloch and the remaining 30 per cent distributed to deserving causes via the Dave and Babs Trust Fund.

Babs Hodgens, who will be running the shop with her husband Dave, is pleased to see this co-operative approach to charity.

She said: “All the girls decide what good causes get the 30 per cent. I think that’s only fair. They are a good team and it’s good to have them as part of it.”

A total of 16 volunteers are involved in the running of the shop with a committee overseeing operations.

Chair of the committee Dr Sheena Macleod said: “There’s really been a local response and it’s kind of just happened. People have been asking for it and when it was getting back and we started getting stuff.

“It’s amazing how people have just come forward. It’s really the community feel. People want it.

“We wanted to be about the community. We wanted it to have a community feel. It’s going to be a community shop as well as a charity shop, a place to come in and have a cup of tea.”

Peter Murphy, chair of the Kinloch Centre Project, said: “We had a joint meeting of the two groups last Monday and we came to an agreement.

“They have now got our details and intend to fund-raise for us officially once they open.”

He continued: “It’s a big step forward. It gives us a lot more credibility in the town when there’s a group working actively for us to provide us with extra money to get the site up and running.”

A spokesperson for the Kinloch Centre project added: “We are going to be the very grateful beneficiaries of the 70 per cent. It’s a wonderful gift for us.”

There is already a dry store set aside for collecting donations which is quickly filling up while the shop is being fitted out for business.

Anyone with any items they wish to donate to The Haven (Carnoustie) should pop into the shop first and arrange drop off with the volunteers there.

The Kinloch Centre Project has a number of events in the pipeline and it is hoped that more use can be made of the grassed over area at the site as a village green, possibly including an event during Tartan Week.

Mr Murphy added: “We have a lease from Angus Council which give us access to the grounds so we can invite the public in and it will take the form of a car boot sale.”

For more information on the Kinloch Centre Project look for them on Facebook.