Knitting squares for Guide Dogs

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Carnoustie resident Margaret Iles is a retired nurse and still spends much of her time tending to others.

When she was visiting a friend at Stracathro Hospital recently she was aware of some of the patients knitting small squares with donated wool as part of their respite and donating them to Guide Dogs.

Then, while visiting residents at Braehill Lodge, Carnoustie, she spoke with activity co-ordinator May Milne and introduced the knitting of squares there as well with the residents.

The pastime became very popular and in just a few weeks some of the residents and visiting family members have produced over a dozen squares.

In particular Annie Nicoll has enjoyed the knitting so much that she produced several squares of her own in no time.

The group then decided that like the project at Stracathro, they would like to put their work to good use and put together some small blankets that they would donate to Guide Dogs as bed linings.

Margaret Iles contacted local Guide Dog puppy walker Heather Knight and told her of the project. Heather visited the Lodge with Guide Dog puppy Amber and on behalf of Guide Dogs took possession of the first two blankets produced at Braehill Lodge.

As Annie’s blanket was the first to be made this was given to Amber as her bed blanket for the remainder of Amber’s time at home and will go with her as a familiar item when she begins training at Forfar in a few months time. The second blanket will be passed up to the Centre at Forfar for one of the other puppies to use.

Heather said, “This is a fantastic project and Amber loves her pink blanket. Guide Dogs are always in need of blankets for the dogs so we very much appreciate the work of Annie and May and the others at Braehill.

“It is great to see the residents’ work being put to good use and we are particularly pleased that Amber has got the first blanket made by Annie Nicoll who we have known for many years.”

May Milne the activity coordinator at Braehill Lodge would be very pleased for any donations of wool to be handed in so that they can continue the project with the residents.