Labour’s Angus candidate forced to resign over Hitler Youth tweet

Kathy Wiles
Kathy Wiles

The Labour Party’s Westminster candidate for Angus in 2015 has resigned after tweeting a picture of the Hitler Youth.

Kathy Wiles, who has apologised via Twitter, claimed she wanted to point out the dangers of using children in political campaigns.

Labour have accepted her resignation as a candidate and will now look for her replacement.

Ms Wiles tweeted in response to a pro-independence protest outside BBC Scotland on Sunday ahead of the September 18 independence referendum.

Replies to the tweet likened the photo to the Hitler Youth, to which Ms Wiles responded with an image showing children gathered around a swastika.

Ms Wiles was criticised by a man claiming to be the father of two of the children in the protest photograph, who said: “How dare you compare my children to the Hitler youth, despicable.”

She apologised through her twitter page @KathyWforAngus this morning (Tuesday): “I tweeted a picture on Sunday which has caused offence for which I apologise unequivocally.

“My intention was to make a point about the dangers of using young children in political campaigns, not to make any inference about those in the photo.”

A Labour spokesman said: “We believe that Kathy Wiles has taken the right decision to withdraw in Angus and we will move swiftly to get another candidate in place.”