LEADER funding for Angus projects

Angus LEADER logo
Angus LEADER logo

Five Angus projects have been awarded European funding grants by Angus LEADER, with funding over the last six-months amounting to about £500,000.

Among the projects are a small, new-build hay-barn-style bunkhouse next to an established equine business at Auchlishie Farm, Kirriemuir; a re-furbished shop and café development at Ashbrook Nursery in Arbroath; the expanding production of artisan tea by a growers’ partnership in Angus and neighbouring counties; research for Angus Financial Inclusion Partnership on advice-based services for rural areas; and support funding for youth projects with Scottish and European partners.

The Angus LEADER Local Action Group (LAG), comprising of representatives from local communities, businesses and organisations with an interest in rural development, meets quarterly to approve LEADER grants and has several more bids for consideration in the coming months.

LAG chairperson Gill Lawrie said: “It’s great to see our fund being used for the benefit of communities and businesses in Angus – these projects that we have funded have exciting work ahead of them.

“LEADER Euro-funding remains open for further applications - great news for rural Angus. So get in touch with us soon at Ruralleader@angus.gov.uk, to see how we can help you develop a great application.”

Angus LAG LEADER 2014-2020 rural development programme is part-funded by the Scottish Government and the European Community and aims to improve the quality of life and prosperity in rural communities through locally driven initiatives and projects.

The group oversees a grant fund of approximately £2million and assesses and recommends projects for approval based on the delivery of the outcomes of the Local Development Strategy.