Leading artists at masterclass workshops

HOSPITALFIELD, the Angus centre of art and culture, has pulled off a significant coup in attracting two of Scotland’s leading female artists to contribute to the summer masterclass programme.

Students signing up for the residential classes at the historic centre in Arbroath will benefit from first hand tuition by two figures who have – in their different styles - made a major impact on contemporary art in Scotland – Joyce Cairns and Patricia Cain.

Joyce W. Cairns RSA, RSW, a leading painter of her generation known for her dominant female figures, returns to Hospitalfield over two days to join artist Rebecca Westguard in delivering the ‘Advanced Figure and Life’ masterclass from August 8 to 12.

Cairns, possibly best known for her “War Tourist” exhibition has shown extensively and her work is held in many public and private collections including Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art.

Joyce Cairns quantifies the impact of Hospitalfield on her work. She stated: “The privilege of staying in this gothic edifice with its plethora of treasures and great studios during a residential in 1969 was the most formative and exciting period in my development as an artist.

“Even after all these years the house is almost unchanged and still retains for me a nostalgic fascination.”

Patricia Cain, 2010 winner of both The Aspect Prize and the Threadneedle Prize, has made a reputation from her forensically detailed work tracking the building of the new Riverside museum of transport in Glasgow designed by Zaha Hadid.

The resulting exhibition, Drawing (on)Riverside is currently running at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove until August. Patricia, who is also an alumnus of Hospitalfield, will deliver a five day masterclass on ‘Location Drawing and Painting’ from July 25 to 29.

This course is not about the technicalities of drawing and painting. She said: “The aim of this masterclass is to provide you with a space for transformation and a new sense of awareness about how you draw and paint.”