Life saving device donated in memory of David


A GROUP of American golfers have donated life saving equipment to Carnoustie Links in memory of a former Caledonia club captain.

David Barclay died suddenly in January this year when he was on his way to play golf.

When a group of golfers from Virginia, who had played with Mr Barclay and other members of the Caledonia Club, heard about his death, they were eager to do something in his memory.

And they have since donated a defibrillator, a device that can shock the heart’s rhythm if a person goes into cardiac arrest, to Carnoustie Links in Mr Barclay’s memory.

One of the members from the group called the Razor and Alligator Golf Society, Jake Savage, said: “During a visit to play in the Craw’s Nest Tassie, I met with Eddy Hill of the Caledonia Club.

“A year later we organised a match between our group of Americans and eight Caledonia Club members.

“The match was a huge success and the Caledonia team was led by David Barclay. At dinner that night, David gave a wonderful speech about the day and the camaraderie that was built.

“The Carnoustie friends we made were the highlight of our eight-day trip. When our group heard the tragic news about David we wished to do something constructive in memory of his passing.

“Our group, The Razor and Alligator (R&A) Golf Society, met and discussed the situation and we felt that the defibrillator was a practical and useful way to remember David.”

Graeme Duncan, general manager of the Carnoustie Golf Links, was delighted with the golf society’s generous donation.

He said: “This is a very generous gesture by David’s American friends and it very much demonstrates the respect and affection in which David was held.

“We intend to meet Mr Savage at this year’s Craw’s Nest Tassie and express our thanks in person to him and his group.”