Lifeboat a big attraction at St Andrews Gala Day

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SIX CREW members from the RNLI lifeboat station at Broughty Ferry took the all-weather lifeboat, RNLB ‘Elizabeth of Glamis’, to the St Andrews Harbour Gala Day last Sunday.

It was an extremely well attended event and gave members of the general public an opportunity to see on-board the lifeboat.

Many of the men, woman and children who came aboard were fund-raisers of the RNLI and thoroughly enjoyed seeing what their donations go towards.

The volunteer crew brought the lifeboat back to the lifeboat station just after 5 p.m. and were immediately called into action when coastguards called for their services after a jet skier ran into trouble.

He had run out of fuel and with strong tides was in need of assistance from the D-class inshore lifeboat, RNLB ‘Sheila Barrie’. Coxswain Murray Brown and volunteer crew members Donald Rentoul and Euan Maze towed the jet ski back to Broughty Ferry Harbour. The jet skier remained on his jet ski throughout the tow and was safely returned to land.

They returned to the lifeboat station for a second time and were refuelling the boat when a member of the public ran into the station warning them that a boat was heading straight towards the station.

The crew looked outside to see a boat had come off its mooring at the Royal Tay Yacht Club and was only 20 yards from hitting the lifeboat shed. The inshore lifeboat was immediately launched and the same crew attached a tow and took the boat back to a different mooring at the yacht club. The ILB returned to the lifeboat station at about 6.30 p.m. and was again refuelled ready for service.

Volunteer crew member Donald Rentoul said: “Taking the boat to St Andrews was a great opportunity to be able to show members of the local community the work that we do.

“It allowed us to show our appreciation for the donations they give and the fund-raising people do. When we got back we put our skills into action and did what we are there to do.”