Lifeboat rescues three men

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Broughty Ferry RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew came to the aid of three men in distress off the coast of Dundee on Saturday.

Broughty Ferry RNLI volunteer lifeboat crews were alerted at 12.44am to a situation involving three men in a small boat in distress near Dundee Port. With the assistance of a volunteer shore crew they were en route in the inshore lifeboat within eight minutes of the call, reaching the troubled boat soon after.

On reaching the boat the volunteer crew found that there were three men on board, thankfully all well. However, their boat had ran out of fuel rendering them helpless in the dark and blustery conditions.

The lifeboat crew established a towline to the boat before towing it back to Broughty Ferry Harbour, arriving there 46 minutes after the call was made.

The men were transferred to dry land before being offered sea safety advice to assist them in the future by the local Lifeboat Operations Manager.

The RNLI crew then returned to station by 2am where the lifeboat was made ready to respond to any other calls.