Local couple at Royal Garden Party

In recognition of their extensive contribution to the community a Carnoustie couple attended a Royal garden party this week.

On Tuesday Babs and Dave Hodgens, the founders of the For Carnoustie community charity shop, were invited to Holyrood Palace. The pair were nominated by Angus Provost Helen Oswald and Babs was shocked by the unexpected honour.

She said: “It was a lovely day and a brilliant experience. I was shellshocked about the whole lot of it. It was great. It was only our idea about opening the shop. It’s all the trustees and volunteers who do a lot of the work, they are a brilliant team. For Carnoustie has just taken off, the whole town has got behind us.

“We saw the Queen three times which was lucky. A lot of people didn’t because there were 8,000 folk there. It was a brilliant experience.”

The recent For Carnoustie fashion show in the Carnoustie Golf Hotel raised £807 and they will be running a stall at the Gala Day fete.